From District Governor Don Meyer:


The Rockwell City Rotary Club is a stellar club among the 49 clubs in District 5970. Here’s why:


Rotary brings out the best of the human spirit. It teaches good ethics, cultural awareness, caring for all humanity, and the desire and ability to serve. The Rockwell City Rotary Club does all of this and more.


They are the “go-to” organization in the Rockwell City community. All the good folks in Rockwell City know their Rotary Club gets stuff done! Here’s a sampling of how the Rotarians connect with their community:


Each year they produce a Community Calendar that’s distributed to the community. The citizens of Rockwell City can’t wait to get it!

They have an Interact Club at the local high school in which high schoolers support the Rotary Club with fundraisers and as volunteers on community projects, and they learn how to become servant leaders in their community.

You can find the Rotary Club’s imprint all over the community with many beautification projects and service projects that improve the quality of life in Rockwell City. In fact, you can find the Rotary logo in over 200 places in the community!


If you are looking for an organization full of fun, enthusiastic people who work hard and play hard, and who get things done, the Rockwell City Rotary Club is your place! Once you join, the professional connections you build become lifelong friends. It’s great to be a Rotarian!


Come join us!


Don Meyer

District Governor 2022-23

Rotary District 5970